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The delivery of my scale rulers to New Zealand was excellent. I can highly recommend doing business with Building Link Ltd, these people know the value of a customer; I will be coming back.

John Oliver HIANDRI Solutions Ltd, New Zealand

Verulam scale rulers

Promotional Verulam scale rulers (RIBA approved):


Oval - 150mm (6") or 300mm (12")

Triangular - 300mm (12")

Colours: white (available with or without the distinctive yellow band)

Packaging: supplied in individual plastic sleeves (oval), individual rigid plastic presentation cases (triangular)

Verulam scale ruler

Verulam scale rulers are available with two sets of standard scales: architectural or engineering (see below).  Other scales can be printed on a bespoke basis, so please let us know if you require a specific set of scales.

Architectural scales: 1:1, 1:100 1:20, 1:200 1:5, 1:50 1:1250, 1:2500

Engineering scales: 1:5, 1:50 1:10, 1:100 1:20, 1:200 1:500, 1:1000


The minimum order quantity for a promotional order (i.e with your logo printed on the rulers) is 100 pieces.

Please call on 01206 272020 or email: for printed Verulam scale ruler prices as they are not available to order using our online system.

Standard lead times are 2-3 weeks (subject to stock availability)


For unprinted Verulam scale rulers and other drawing products please visit our webshop