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I want to say that we have received the rulers and they are great! Thank you. I really appreciate the way you handled this order - swiftly and professionally and we are happy with the product! Thank you! that seems to be rare at the moment.

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Rulex scale rulers

Rulex logo   Rulex scale rulers are now available overprinted with your company details.

For a minimum quantity of just 25 units, we can print your promotional design on one or both sides of a flat oval Rulex scale ruler, or on all three sides of the triangular Rulex scale ruler. 

You can customise RULEX rulers completely to your own specific requirements - including which scales are shown where and in what colour!  For example you can have imperial scales on one edge in blue and metric scales on the other three edges in red, black and green, or if you prefer you can have the same scale on each of the four edges.

If you're after just one or two plain Rulex scale rulers - please click here.

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    RULEX 150mm oval scale ruler

    From £0.82
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    RULEX 300mm oval scale ruler

    From £1.16
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    RULEX 300mm triangular scale ruler

    From £1.91
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